How to Send and Receive Hotmail from Thunderbird

Since Microsoft has enabled POP3 for their email you can now check your, or accounts from email clients other than Microsoft’s. Previously we looked at adding Hotmail to your Gmail account, and now we will show you how to do it in Thunderbird.

First open up Thunderbird and go to Tools then Account Settings.

In Account Settings click on Add Account located toward the bottom of the window.

Next select Email Account.

Now enter in your your name and the Hotmail or Live email account you want to add.

Choose POP as the incoming server and enter in the Incoming Server field. The outgoing server will not be correct but we will change it later.

Next enter in the incoming user name you want to have.

Choose a label for the account such as Work or Home or you can just leave it as it is.

Finally make sure your account and Incoming Sever info is correct. The Outgoing Server will be incorrect but hit Finish then we can change it.

Now under the new created account click on Server Settings and make sure the Port is 995, under Security Settings select SSL.

Note: If you want to leave the messages in your Hotmail account, make sure to check the option for “Leave messages on server”.

Now you will need to change the SMTP settings. In the left side menu under Local Folders select Outgoing Server (SMTP) and then Add or Edit button.

Make sure you have the following settings entered in:

Port: 587

Server: Name

Check TLS

User Name:

*Make sure and enter in your entire email address in the Security and Authentication User Name.

To send a message just use the “From” drop-down to choose the hotmail account.

When everything’s correct you can Send and Receive your hotmail in Thunderbird!

Note: Because this technique uses POP3 to access your mail, your messages will be removed from Hotmail.

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